Good News about Injustice (#8): “The poor are vulnerable” (Ken+)

This is the final entry from my reading of Gary Haugen’s Good News about Injustice. Why are the poor disproportionately abused? One explanation is that in a fallen world, those with more power will abuse it. Therefore, there is a need for a “justice system” to hold violence and deception in check. Statistics highlight the [...]

Good News about Injustice (#7): “7 kinds of injustice” (Ken+)

Haugen identified seven categories of violence as follows. First, PETTY CRIMINAL VIOLENCE involves small groups or individuals who steal property for pleasure or to acquire goods. Drug addicts needing to fund their habit is an example of this kind of violent crime. Second, ORGNANIZED CRIME VIOLENCE involves groups like the Mafia or Hell’s Angels who [...]

Good News about Injustice (#6): “God seeking justice” (Ken+)

God’s people are God’s plan to address injustice in the world. Micah tells us what is good in God’s eyes; do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8). Isaiah beseeched, “Learn to do good, seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause” (Isaiah 1:17, ESV). Furthermore, indifference [...]

Healing and the Different Modes of Faith (Ken+)

What kind of faith do we need to be healed? Some Christians emphasize faith as passive surrender to the will of God; they condition their requests for healing with “if it be thy will”. Passive faith Christians place a lot of value on the sovereignty of God. Whether healing happens or not is completely dependent [...]

Good News about Injustice (#5): “Why evangelicals ignore justice ministries.” (Ken+)

Evangelicals have often led the way in evangelism and relief and development initiatives. Evangelicals have not historically demonstrated the same vigour when it comes to social justice. There are at least five contributing factors for the lack of action among evangelicals. First, resistance to involvement in social justice projects is likely a backlash against the [...]

Good News about Injustice (#4): “Kingdom ministry & justice” (Ken+)

Human suffering normally comes in one or more of three forms: oppression, deprivation, or alienation. Oppression involves people with power abusing that power through violence/coercion and deception. Linking deprivation and alienation to abusive human action is not as straightforward. Deprivation, for example, might stem from sources other than human abuse such as poverty associated with [...]

Good News about Injustice (#3): “What does it mean that God is just?” (Ken+)

What does it mean that God is a God of justice? If injustice involves abusing power to take from others the good things God intended for them, justice conversely involves the right use of power. Justice is exercising power in a manner consistent with Divine virtues. Justice involves COMPASSION. God hates injustice and wants it [...]

Good News about Injustice (#2): “Ingredients of Injustice” (Ken+)

Haugen defined injustice as using power to take away from others the good things God intended for them, like their life, dignity, freedom, or the fruit of their love and labour. The wise writer of Ecclesiastes included abusing power in his critique of oppressors: “Again I saw all the oppressions that are practiced under the [...]

Good News about Injustice (#1): “Why the silence?” (Ken+)

This is the first of eight posts based on my reading of Gary Haugan’s book Good News About Injustice. Gary Haugan is the founder of International Justice Mission, a ministry he launched after being seconded from his job as a federal prosecutor in the American justice system to assist the UN process of prosecuting war [...]

Beginning to Pray (Ken+)

What a delight after years of hearing about Archbishop Anthony Bloom’s Beginning to Pray to finally read it. It was hard to put down, energizing in its simplicity, and invited copious underlining. Bloom believes an important first step in learning to pray is becoming attentive to when and why God is absent. Bloom argues that [...]

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