April Update from Masaka, Uganda

Regular Life The past month in Masaka has been eventful.  Mark continues to work on the accounts for both the Girls’ school and the Kibaale Community Centre.  Much of his job involves transferring and tracking of money to various projects.  He could probably work all day and night and still have more to do with [...]

March Madness

This was a very busy month so far here at the Timothy Centre.  This past weekend was the grand opening of the Timothy Girls’ College which was attended by hundreds of people.  The school has been open for a little while already, but it was time to celebrate with some speeches, presentations, lunch, and a [...]

One Month in Masaka (February, 2011)

Happy February!  It has been a month now since we have arrived here in Masaka, and it has been one of orienting ourselves physically, relationally, and culturally.   Physically, we have managed to figure out where we are in relation to the town centre, and how to get there, and are now familiar with getting around.  [...]

Settling Into Life in Masaka, Uganda

A big “Hello” to all of you at St. Matthew’s!  Mark, Ben, April and I arrived in Uganda last week on Jan. 11th late in the evening after two days of flying from Vancouver.   It was a big relief to be met at the airport by some of our fellow staff members from the Timothy [...]

Parish treasurer makes a run for it

Saint Matthews’ treasurer Brian Earle cherishes his perfect Terry Fox record and the canines that accompany him each year. Since his first run, his job htook him all over Canada, from Yellowknife to Chilliwack and a lot of places in between, but he has never missed a Terry Fox Run. Read more in this Chilliwack [...]

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