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The purpose of outreach is to share our faith in the Lord Jesus, through prayer, giving of resources, particularly to those who are serving the Lord in a full time capacity, either overseas or locally. Also to do some outreach work which is tangible, and may be a way of showing God’s love and sharing the gospel.


Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe Bible Ministries  Neil and Val, now living in England, but their work is mostly in Asia. They are part of a large team of people, hoping to have the Bible translated in every language known. They had been faithful members of Saint Matthews for number of years, as their home is Abbotsford.

The Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada

ARDFC undertakes carefully selected and monitored relief and development projects with partner dioceses in developing nations, to relieve poverty, provide food and other necessities of life, as well as provide training to improve skills in healthcare, agriculture and irrigation, and to advance the Christian faith. See their website for more information.

ACTS (African Community Technical Services)

This is a well established Christian organisation that sends people out to help set up infrastructures such as  setting up water projects, starting schools in small rural locations, health and Aids clinics. They are also supporting an orphanage. These projects are in Uganda and Zambia and a few of Saint Matthew’s people have been actively involved.

ACTS works with rural communities in East Africa to provide technical assistance and training in water supply, health education, environmental conservation, and humanitarian projects. One of their projects is providing the means for teams of medical personnel and social workers to visit project areas for voluntary HIV/AIDS testing. Trained HIV/AIDS counsellors provide support for those who need it upon learning their HIV status.

Mirundu Orphanage (Zambia)

Curtis Nickel (Ukraine)

Curtis Nikkel (form Saint Matthews) works full time in orphanage work along with his brother and his Ukrainian wife.  In this city are many orphanages as alcoholism is rampant among both men and women, and so very young children are taken into state care. The Christian team gives support and spreads the gospel and have started bible study groups for the teenagers that have now left the orphanges.


Church of the Holy Cross

Church of the Holy Cross is a second Anglican congregation in Abbotsford started by Saint Matthews. They meet Sundays at 10am in the Senior’s Centre at the Matsqui Recreation Centre (3106 Clearbrook Rd). For more information contact the Rev’d. Doug Beattie at 604-302-2422.

5 and 2 Ministries

5 and 2 Ministries assist the poor of Abbotsford with Street Outreach Dinners, Coffee Fellowships, and Community Meals. Among other forms of support, Saint Matthews hosts a Community Meal in the parish hall the fourth Sunday of each month at 6:00 pm. Volunteers to prepare and serve meals are welcome.

Cyrus Centre

Cyrus Centre is a Christian based agency who help young adolescents,  complete grade 10 12 education, look for jobs, how to apply, every day living skills, share the gospel in the hope that these young people will not get caught in the drug or crime scene and end up on the streets. There is no other agency like this one in Abbotsford. These young people have already been screened by the schools and social service agencies. They do not receive a government grant.

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