Leadership + Administration

The following are some ministries and their main purposes at Saint Matthew’s that focus on the practical behind-the-scenes functioning of our church family. For more information, or to get involved, call the church office at 604.853.6746.

Building Committee To maintain the building in good repair

Finance Committee (ad hoc) To assist the Treasurer in drafting a budget for the coming fiscal year

Nominating Committee (ad hoc) To nominate suitable candidates for parish council

Office Volunteers To assist the administrative assistant with miscellaneous office tasks

Parish Council To work with clergy and staff in the areas of facilities, finances, vision development and staffing. Members are elected.

Trustees To function as the legal guardians of the parish, and to, in consultation with the Parish Council, Vestry, and Bishop take, receive, purchase or acquire or sell property, and to make by-laws, rules, and regulations for the management of the parish. The trustees are elected.

Website To present a web presence of the life and ministries of Saint Matthew’s

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