Journey with us this Christmas

This Christmas we invite you to journey with us as we travel in heart and mind to Bethlehem and recall the  greatest story ever told. Have you ever noticed how much travelling goes on in the Christmas story? The angel Gabriel travels to the Blessed Virgin Mary to announce that she will be the mother of Jesus. Mary then travels to her relative Elizabeth.  The angel Gabriel then travels to Joseph, pledged to be married to Mary, in a dream.  Mary and Joseph then travel to Bethlehem. The wise men travel from afar. The shepherds watching over  their sheep at night travel to the stable following the visit of the angels who declared, “Glory to God in the Highest , and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased”. All these travels and journeys come together at a simple stable underneath a bright and shining star where a baby lay in a manger. The
baby’s Name is Christ The LORD. The longest journey in history was made that day when God stepped down from heaven and entered our world as a tiny baby.

Our whole life is a journey. As a Church family at Saint Matthew’s the image of the journey has become a very powerful one for us in recent months. We have had to make the painful journey from our former Church building on Guilford Drive to our new location at Grace Church.  Some journeys and travels are difficult and painful, while others are exciting.  All provide new opportunities for discovery. The destination for all of us is God Himself. We are not alone as we make our journey through life. He is with us. This Christmas we make our journey to the heart of the Christian faith. As we look in wonder and worship at the Babe lying in the manger we recall the words of Jesus recorded by the Apostle John who said, ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life’ (John chapter 3. Verse 16. The Bible).

We invite you to make your journey with us and discover the love of God for yourself revealed in His Son Jesus Christ. This discovery is what makes for a really Merry Christmas. Christmas began in the heart of God, but it’s only complete when it reaches the heart of man.

Mike Stewart+

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