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Your lifetime commitment starts in a Christian ceremony, in which you make vows to each other and before God, and in which your covenant is made Holy by God’s blessing.  Our job is to provide instruction, prayer and support that will help you weather the storms of life and hopefully give you tools that will help make your marriage last.

Because you are participating in a Christian sacrament we presume that you are serious about the Christian aspects of marriage.  Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a maturing faith is a necessary ingredient to a healthy marriage. Also, being part of a church family will give you the support, love, prayer and care you need to stay strong in your faith and to endure the difficulties of life.

For more information, call the office at 604.853.6746.


Losing someone we love is difficult, even if we think we are prepared. The priests and deacons of Saint Matthew’s are here to meet and pray with you, and to walk with you in planning a funeral service.

Please call the office at 604.853.6746.

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