Confirmation Class


The rite of Confirmation includes laying on of hands (traditionally by a bishop) together with anointing with oil and the sign of the cross and prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit

There was a time in Anglicanism when both Baptism and Confirmation were required for admission to the Lord’s Table. However, the church has rightly re-affirmed the New Testament witness that Baptism alone joins a person to the Church.

Today, Confirmation serves two primary purposes.

For those baptized in infancy, it is an opportunity to make a public profession of faith. The candidate for confirmation “confirms” for themselves the profession of faith made on their behalf at their baptism.

Confirmation also serves as the ordination service for the people of God. The ordination of bishops, priests, and deacons always includes the invocation of the Holy Spirit. Likewise, at confirmation the bishops lays hands on the candidate and says, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” These invocation is not a suggestion that the Spirit has heretofore been absent from the candidate. Rather, it is an appeal for the giving, awakening, stirring of the Spirit, and for the giving, awakening, and stirring of spiritual gifts for service in Christ’s Church.

Confirmation classes are held once a year as needed.

The course is run through the Saint Matthew’s School of Life and Ministry (Catechism I, Catechism II, Catechism III).  The courses run cyclically throughout the year.  Registration can be made online through the School of Life and Ministry website or by contacting Saint Matthew’s office.

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