Preparing for Baptism


Baptism is the sacrament of new birth in Jesus Christ, and new life as a member of the household of God. It includes the symbolic “washing away” of sin, and freedom from sin’s tyranny. It is a symbolic death to the old way of life, and resurrection to new life in Christ. It is offered to sincere believers who want to become members of Christ’s body, and to the children of those believers who are willing to commit to raising their children as Christians.


Baptism joins each individual believer to Christ and to his church. It involves a commitment to Jesus and to the community of believers (the church). It may involve a change of lifestyle and focus. Therefore it is of vital importance to the believer, their immediate family and the whole Christian community that baptismal candidates are well prepared. For this reason adult baptismal candidates and the families of infant candidates are required to participate in five Baptismal Preparation Classes.  Classes are part of the curriculum of the School of Life and Ministry (Catechism I, Catechism II, Catechism III).  Dates can be found on the School of Life and Ministry website:  You can register online or by calling the office.

The community also takes seriously their responsibility to help new Christians live this new life in Christ. The parish will pray for the candidates during the preparation. The baptismal candidates will also be supported by Parish Sponsors for the year following baptism. The Sponsor’s role is to help the candidates (and their parents) find their place in God’s family and to see that they are equipped to fulfill the promises they make in baptism.

Adult candidates and the parents of infant candidates are asked to give a short testimony to their faith at the service of Baptism. Opportunity will be given during the first four weeks of the preparation classes to reflect on the questions that will be asked so that candidates will be able to prepare their responses.



The Rev. Don Gardner and Linda Seale

For more information call Carolyn Pera (Administrative Assistant) at 604.853.6746

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